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A poor driving experience can often be traced back to your car's electronics system. From trouble starting to intermittent acceleration and other issues the problem may not be a physical one. Let us diagnose it right the first time.


Modern vehicles depend more and more on onboard computers. We use cutting edge diagnostic technology to make the fastest and most accurate assessment of the unique issue you're experiencing.    We'll make sure your electrical system runs properly.


Keep your car or truck running its best

Whatever is wrong with your vehicle we have the technology and expertise to set it right. Give us a chance and we're sure we'll impress you with the speed and quality of our services.


Bring your vehicles into the Accelerated Diesel Repair on a regular basis for oil changes, diagnostics and preventative maintenance so that your vehicle is always running its best.  Trust us to diagnose your vehicle's problem and correct it the first time.

Advanced diagnostic technology

Don't neglect your vehicle's electronics system


Get great prices

Don't pay an arm and a leg

for the repairs that you need.

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